SiriusCreations' trip to Switzerland: 02 May 2009.

Bern, ch and Concert in Luzern, ch

This morning I went for a quick visit to the federal capitol of Switzerland, Bern.

First some pictures of and near the Federal Parliament Building of Switzerland

The Casino

The Historical and Einstein museum

Another shot of the Parliament Building

The Federal Archives building.

The Gynmnasium

Oh well let's have another one from the Parliament in the background.

Near the Central train station

The university of Bern

And the art museum

Now I am going to prepare myself for the concert. I will not take any pictures so no more update today.
And if the internet connection is working in my next hotel you will get a new update tomorrow. Including some comments about the concert of course.

The Concert with ScoreLady:

War & Love

21st Century Symphony Orchestra
Movie Classics in Concert "War & Love"

Ludwig Wicki, conductor

- J. Williams, film music from "Star Wars" and "The Patriot"
- H. Zimmer, film music from "Gladiator"
and others.

Just came back from the concert. It was a pleasant surprise that the music was more than from Williams and Zimmer. We had nice seats where we had a nice view of the players and the filmscreen.
Directly it started great with Rósza's Ben Hur Suite. The sound of the orchestra was good the acoustics of the concerthall is excellent. After the Prelude - Love theme - Parade of the Charioteers came Zimmer's Battle of the movie Gladiator. The orchestra seemed they lost this Battle. The first heavy part of this piece did not came out that well. When the aftermath section of the song came, it seemed they were back on track.
After 45 minutes the first part of the concert was over. Luckily the second part took a little longer (about 1 hour and 15 minutes)
Some nice surprises during the concert was at the end part of Atonement - Suite (white some clips on screen from the movie) the percussionists and some other members of the orchestra became a choir. And in the beginning of The Mask of Zorro suite a lot of orchestra were clapping their hands in stead of the clapping flamingo shoes. That was very nicely done.
After the last song of the program, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (for those who went to JW concert in L.A. last year: no lightsabers in the audience this time) they gave us two extra suites: Micheal Kamen's Band of Brothers and The Paris Waltz by Maurice Jarre from the movie Is Paris Burning?

So we had a nice enjoyable evening at the concert.
Here the list of music they played

Miklós Rósza
* Ben Hur - Suite
Prelude - Love Theme - Parade of the Charioteers

Hans Zimmer
* Gladiator - The Battle

Dario Marianelli
* Atonement - Suite

Max Steiner
* Casablanca - Suite

Maurice Jarre
* Dr. Zhivago - Suite

Jerry Goldsmith
* Air Force One - Main Theme

Marco Beltrami
* Live Free or Die Hard - The F-35

John Williams
* Born on the 4th of July

James Horner
* The Mask Of Zorro - Suite

Max Steiner
* Gone With The Wind - Suite

David Arnold
* Independence Day - Suite

John Williams
* Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Suite
The Imperial March - Yoda's Theme - Main Theme


Michael Kamen
* Band of Brothers - Suite

Maurice Jarre
* Is Paris Burning? - The Paris Waltz

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