SiriusCreations' trip to Switzerland: 25 April 2009.

Rotterdam, nl - Arras, fr

estimated distance: 556 kilometers

So the trip started this morning around 5 am when I walked to my car.
After setting the Navigator I started to drive.

Arrived at my hotel around 4.30 pm

More of todays trip and some pictures follows....

OK here are the pictures from today (i will post comments after the pictures are uploaded):

Along the costal route between Blankeberge and Oostende I made these pictures.

Of course when I entered France I saw this almost stereotype frenchman (no picture, sorry). I think you know what I mean. Old men with French hat and baguette under his arm. He did not have any wine with him.

The following pictures are made in France along route D940 between Calais and Boulogne sur Mer
The obelisk is at Cap Nez

In a place near my hotel my cousin bought a second house a while ago. Since then he is renovating the house. He was not present when I drove by, but made some pictures. Also for my family at home who saw his house when it was not much of a house yet.

Enlarge map

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