SiriusCreations' trip to Switzerland from 25 April 2009 until 5 May 2009.

On this page you can follow my during my trip to Switzerland. I will post pictures and place some notes. There will also be room for you to post comments. Please post them in English, so that everybody can read it. Thank you.

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Date Route

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25 April 2009 Rotterdam, nl - Arras, fr
26 April 2009 Arras, fr - Chartres, fr
27 April 2009 Chartres, fr - Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, fr
28 April 2009 Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, fr - Annecy, fr
29 April 2009 Annecy, fr - Montreux, ch
30 April 2009 Montreux, ch - Langnau im Emmental, ch
01 May 2009 Langnau im Emmental, ch, visiting Luzern, ch
02 May 2009 Bern, ch and Concert in Luzern, ch
03 May 2009 Langnau im Emmental, ch - Karlsruhe, de
04 May 2009 Karlsruhe, de - Rotterdam, nl
05 May 2009 All pictures on one page...

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07 May 2009 08:43
The Concert was in Luzern, Called War + Love. A variety of moviescores
See the page of May 2nd at the bottom of that page

anton and theresia

07 May 2009 01:58
We havewatch all the pictures.
You are making a beautiful trip for us bring it back a lot of memmories
when we made that trip long long time ago.
Have a wonderful yourney and a safe trip back home.
Love from all of us.
p.s. my choldren want to know wich concert you will see?(or had)


06 May 2009 08:57
My goodness! I am amazed at where they build their homes as was Two. Right on the curb of the street is the sidewalk, then the door step. They are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed them so much. I especially liked it when you met up with Masked, Alchemist, and Scorelady. Just like your trip in US. Your circle of SST friends you have met first hand is growing.
Look forward to your next adventure.


05 May 2009 21:01
So picturesque! It's a marvel how people could build such big houses in hilly areas and right on the river.

btw - I think I missed the note about the ducks. Do you collect photos of ducks?


05 May 2009 20:56
Thanks for the excellent description and posting the Program list.
What a wonderful variety of music from a wide range of film music composers!
Re your comments "they lost the battle" and "no lightsabers" - rotfl!

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